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Facial Services

Initial consultation and treatment-

All clients will need an initial consultation to discuss skin concerns, skin health/sensitivity, and goals.  The service will include an initial facial with a double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions (if needed), mask, hydration, and SPF.

(50 min- $120)

Dermaplane Facial-

Non-invasive facial using a surgical blade to remove dead skin and vellus hair.  This facial will include double cleanse, skin prep, Dermaplane treatment, enzyme, serums, mask, hydration, and SPF.  Ideal for smooth makeup application and smoother looking skin.

(45-50 min- $130) add LED 15 min- $15

Illuminate Facial-

Will target dull skin, hyperpigmentation and fine lines with a double cleanse, enzyme or oxygen treatment, extractions (if necessary), mask, LED, hydration, and SPF.  You will leave with glowing bright skin.  This treatment includes a neck and shoulder massage.

(60 min- $150) 

Clear Skin Facial-

Will address concerns related to acne/rosacea.  Treatment will include double cleanse, treatments (can include enzyme/oxygen treatment), extractions, mask, LED/high frequency, serums, hydration, and SPF.  This treatment includes a neck and shoulder massage.

(50-60 min- $150- time varies based on severity of acne)

Teen Treatment-

Double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, mask, 15 min LED, hydration, and SPF. This is a great treatment for teens through 17 years old.  We will discuss home care, goals, and how to maintain healthy skin.

(45 min- $110) Parent must be present for treatment.

Back Facial-

Keep your summer body ready all year long with a back treatment.  We will target any “back-ne” and discoloration with specialty exfoliants, extractions (if needed), a mask and hydration.

(45 min- $100)

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