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Zarios Flexible Detangling Brushes

Experience the ultimate form of gentle hair care with Zarios Flexible Detangling Brushes. The flexible bristles effortlessly glide through knots and tangles, leaving your hair smooth and shiny. The flexible back ensures a comfortable grip, making detangling a breeze. Treat your hair to the care it deserves - try our detangling brushes today!


(Spring Collection: Available Now)


Purifying Shampoo

Purify your hair from product and environmental build-up with Salerm's Purifying Shampoo. Experience the ultimate detoxifying treatment for your hair, and unleash the natural beauty of your locks with every wash


Dermocalm Shampoo

Experience the gentle but powerful blend of ingredients that work together to create a relaxing wash and pampering scalp massage. Works on removing build-up and releasing scalp tension.


Dermocalm Mask

Purify A mask perfect for hair and skin in need of profound nourishing and toning. Capable of correcting dehydration with a relaxing effect.

Apply: Onto damp, washed hair. Leave on for 3-5 mins. Massage gently then rinse with warm water. 

For long-lasting protection: Apply a small amount without rinsing (for especially sensitive hair and skin, in need of the dermocalm action.)


Purifying Mask

Dry & damaged hair? This mask is for you!

Give your hair the ultimate hydration it needs and restore it back to health with this puriying mask.

Apply: Down hair's length and to the tips after washing. Lather and then rinse with plenty of warm water.

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